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Mobile, Alabama

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Candy Apple


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Christmas in the South

"The South's interpretation of Christmas!"

(December 2016)

Dear Sharon,
Merry Christmas and I hope you and your family are doing well, furry children too.
Ours are doing well, except 12 year old Missy. I have attached their annual Santa pictures (December, 2016). She is now 12-years old is sweet as ever and seems to be happy and in no pain. Over the last year her ability to walk has slowed to where now she staggers and her hind legs wobble until she falls over. But she gets right back up and takes it in stride and continues to try to go where she intended to go.
We pick her up and take her up and down the steps from the deck to the back yard several times a day so she do her business. The rest of her day is spent in her bed which she locates so that she can see all the activity in the Kitchen or the den from one vantage point. When Pam is cooking she likes to be right under her feet. Fortunately, she does not seem depressed and when it is time to eat, it is a miracle, she seem to walk much better and move faster.
As you remember our Max only was with us for half the time we have enjoyed with Missy and we did not do our due diligence to confirm he came from a line that was heart clear. Thank you for the peace of mind that we have enjoyed knowing that Missy and her pups do not have the mitral valve disease yet and also have clear eyes, thanks to you. We applaud your efforts as a breeder to make this breed the best it can be.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
Charlie and Pam


Rhett graduated from puppy school clickatrick today. He's such a smart little guy!!  So VERY loved.   The clickatrick class was just a fun class at Petsmart where dogs learned tricks. Rhett already has his basic commands down well; we took class so he could learn something new (me, too). It also included beginning agility training. The "click" part (clicker) was used to affirm each trick. So, when I told Rhett to do trick & he did it, I'd click, praise & give treat. As class progressed & he learned trick, we used less treats & more emphasis on praise. I'm going to make a video of Rhett's repertoire! He knows sign language, understands Spanish, reads English. He can roll over, play dead, shake & wave bye bye. Plus the agility training. Sharon, I've written scripts to correspond w/ his tricks & it's hysterical when we put on a "show." Rhett is SO smart, loves to learn & it doesn't take long for him to get the hang of a particular trick. We work on them maybe 15-20 minutes/day.
Initially, I thought we were bombarded w/ too many tricks. But, at the end of 6 weeks, that's one of things I liked the most. I'd work w/ him on a trick until he got it, then we'd try other ones. If he didn't like one or wasn't interested, we'd just go on to another trick. Now I've got a huge file of new tricks for future. I know I've said before, but he's such a wonderful little guy, VERY loved.

Blenheim Cavalier

We had fun at Mardi Gras parade. I caught beads, and Rhett tried chewing them, lol. He collected a lot of toys, people very generous.


(April 2016)

Just wanted to let you know how great Daisy is doing! She is growing up so fast and has such a fun spunky personality!   She is picking up on potty training and other things so quickly!  She loves my older cavalier and wants to be wherever she is... It is so precious to watch her play chase and fetch toys with her!  We love her so much!  It has been a fun couple of months with her and looking forward to the many years of love she will bring to our family!  (Daisy is from Demi x Zac litter, born December, 2014)

Charlie's in for his yearly annual and vaccinations today. When he's dropped off at the clinic he heads straight to the back and the staff members are always excited to see him. He cruises the clinic and can be often found enjoying the lap of our sweet vet while doing her office work. So funny! He has everyone under his little paws. He is the sweetest little guy ever. Charlie is probably the best puppy I have ever had...he was a great find. I laugh, I wanted a Blenheim female and came home with a tri male. God sent the right baby to me just like you said...it always works out. (Charlie is out of Misty x Tucker litter of 2013.)

I can't tell you how much she means to us!  God sure does have a special plan!  Harper Kate was born with a knot  in her neck muscles and therapy is the only way to fix it.   Pippa helps me every day during tummy time by walking back and forth on a leash in front of Harper Kate, who watches every move she makes! LOL.  They are great friends already!   Hopefully her little neck will be good and strong soon thanks to a special little puppy. Happy Easter!!!   Leah, (owner of Pippa, a blenheim female from Tilley & magic litter 2013).


After I was done with the antibiotics, they put him on a different medication since the culture cameback that he had a strep infection. I should see the doc after he is through with the meds. Thanks forall your help. I have said is once, but I will say it again: We have one of the best breeders out there. Not sure I know of anyone who is friends with their breeder.
Ashley and the Cavaliers, Milo and Sonny

Thanks again for all your hard work and devotion to breeding cavaliers. We are very blessed to have Lacy. She is beautiful and has the best disposition. Very calm and friendly and playful. She's WONDERFUL!


Eric, Stepanie, Tristan, Colin and Caroline,


I wanted to share this photo in case people ask if cavaliers are good with children. This is the first time Vivian was around a baby and she couldn't have behaved better. Hope you are doing well. Vivian is spoiled and happy!
Leigh Ann

Vivian Rose

I'm One year old today! I love my mommy & daddy for giving me this yummy treat!!
(Misty x Guido DOB:3-26-2012)

Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

OK I just couldnt help myself!!!!
Kristen, Daphne, Al

Tri Color Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy