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Available Puppies  


For more information, please fill out the puppy questionnaire on the Contact Us page!

We also have an 18 month girl available for placement.

Puppies from reputable breeders are usually in the $3,000 - $4,000 range.





Previous Litters

All our puppies in our Previous Litters have been placed and are no longer available for placement!

Announcing our newest puppies. "Penny" Cameliabay Lucky Penny, had a litter of puppies by GCH Toraylac Heres Hugo at Truelegance. We had 2 boys and 2 girls. All were deemed worthy of the show ring so we kept a boy, "Marshall" and a girl "Sugar Plum". Valerie Cromer, Truelegance Cavaliers, selected the other girl, "Reyna". We are excited at how well they are coming along and hope to have them in the show ring soon. Thru this process Valerie offered us Patton who is the same age as Marshall & Sugar Plum, so they have all bonded as best buddies.

Marshall, Patton, Sugar Plum



All puppies have been placed in this litter.


7 week old puppies from Bunny, daughter of Lucy and Tucker. 
All puppies have  passed their eye test from Board certified Ophthalmology Vet! YEAH!! 
They are learning potty training outside now.


Bunny & Tucker

Bunny & Tucker's 7 week old puppies

current litter

Tilley and Magic announce the beautiful arrival of 2 girls and 4 boys born 3-26-2013. Magic is a 10 year old male who is not on any heart meds yet! Magic moves and acts like a five year old. Tilley is Juette Angelique and is featured on the "Girls Page" of our website and she is mom to Zac and Lucy.

2 weeks


4 boys above left photo and 2 girls above right photo


3 weeks

3 weeks


3 weeks


4 boys above left photo and 2 girls above right photo


4 weeks

4 weeks


4 weeks


Above left photo has all the puppies together


Above right photo: "Cavaliers are just the best! They ALL love puppies, no matter who the birth mom is."


2 girls

4 boys

2 Girls

4 Boys

2 girls

1 girl

7 weeks


Above left photo has both girls together, but the girl on the right is wiggly so here is a second photo of just her.


7 weeks


Sire to our current litter is "Magic"



Magic at 2 yrs of age

Magic at 10 yrs of age


Magic at 10 yrs of age

current litter


Misty, daughter of Eve and Tucker are proud parents of a litter born Saturday 12-16-12.


2 weeks



Our puppies are now two weeks old!!!!


Ears and eyes are opening and they react to my voice! Weights are 20-24 ounces.


They loveeeeee the milk bar :)))


A tri male and female are still available.



Tri Boys at 3 weeks

Tri Color Boys

Tri Girls at 3 weeks

Tri Color Girls

Blenheim girl at 3 weeks

Blenheim Girl



Our puppies are now three weeks old!!!!


One of them barked this week and scared themselves so they haven't done it again!


Taking a few wobbly steps now.


Weights are 1#, 8oz to 1#, 12 oz.

7 weeks

The Five at 7 weeks, saying "We want out of here. There's a big world to see!"

Tri Color Puppies

Tri Color Puppies



Indoor Kennel



Outdoor Kennel







Our goals are to be selective in breeding to improve the breed. Therefore, we only breed occasionally and with great care. While we want to produce awesome show pups, the standards are so high that there are always pet puppies available for loving homes and hearts.

Litters will be listed in the Upcoming Litter area below. If we do not have any pups available, we will be glad to assist you in locating reputable breeders with pups. Other places we encourage you to look is the www.CKSCS.org/puppy (www.ckcsc.org), which is the original Cavalier Club in the USA and has a very high Code of Ethics, which we follow. Another place is the American Cavalier Club (www.ackcsc.org), the AKC parent club for Cavaliers. Those individuals listed are reputable breeders who want only the best for their puppies and are striving to care for the breed.

Please feel free to contact us should you be interested in their delightful, loving breed. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


Our adults and puppies are raised in our home with us and not in a separate kennel. They are our family pets first and foremost. The puppies (and adults) enjoy the home environment interactions from moment of birth. They learn normal household routines and noises, like night and day, TV’s, dishwashers, and vacuums. They stay with the mom in the birthing room, aka the laundry room located next to the kitchen, until they are up on their feet and moving around.

At 5-6 weeks we move them to be among the adults so they can start learning potty training, and puppy socialization. It’s very important for a puppy to know to yield to an adult and to leave the adult's food alone. Cavalier adults teach the puppies in a very gentle, yet firm manner. If a ‘stranger’ dog was ‘teaching’ the result may be permanent injury to the puppy.

Cavalier puppies are slow to mature, and they still may enjoy nursing even at 5 weeks, so the time they are emotionally ready for their forever home varies between 9-12 weeks. There are 3 ‘tests’ they must pass before they are ready to leave: 1)They need to learn to enjoy puppy kibble, 2)learn the basics of potty training by going out with the adults, and 3) also to sleep by themselves without crying. There is nothing worse than a crying puppy the first night at its new home. People have written me saying how amazed they are that the puppy slept thru the night and wasn’t afraid to go into their kennel for the night.

Health Testing:

For us, ‘health testing’ refers to the debilitating diseases/conditions Cavaliers are prone to. We are very concerned about health testing of all the adults. We test for 4 areas: Hips and patellas which are graded and heart/eyes yearly by board certified vets. We also have begun testing the adults for Episodic Falling/Dry Eye/Curly Coat conditions now with the new DNA tests available. These tests are posted on the www.OFFA.org website and copies given to all puppy parents.


Once we have a litter on the ground and have determined what we might want to keep for future showing we will accept deposits towards the available puppies in the litter. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE unless we are not able to place a puppy from the litter with you by 12 weeks of age.




Magazine Stars




Our dogs have been featured in Petmate advertising.
Eve and Ben enjoyed all the attention and mom enjoyed all the loot!




Problems From Puppy Mills

Below is a link to the news story about 39 female cavaliers being released in Texas in response to the new legislation making anyone with 11 or more intact females a USDA commercial breeder. These female cavaliers were between 4 and 9 years old, filthy, matted, eyes missing, teeth missing/coated in tarter, and have had multiple litters. They probably have never felt grass beneath their feet and were just dumped along side the highway.

Click to learn more about
"Abandoned Cavaliers" - Dallas Fort Worth Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club

Warning signs to watch for when searching the internet for a puppy. The Animal Welfare Act is in the process of developing a new law that specifically states that anyone buying a puppy must step foot and visually inspect the location where the puppy was raised. Reputable breeders want to meet the families that get their puppies anyway. If a breeder is willing to ship a puppy to you without you visiting their location then they most likely hold a USDA commercial license and are dealing with high scale sales of puppies. These puppies will not turn out to be what you expected so make sure you always visit the location you are buying your puppy from.

Another warning sign is if you cannot meet the parents of the puppy you are considering. You should always be able to see the dam (mother), but in some cases a stud dog might have been used and the breeding may have been done through artificial insemination. The breeder should be able to give you all the information about the stud dog including the owner so you can reference the owner of the stud dog for additional information.

Please do your homework because when puppies are purchased from individuals who do not care about the welfare of the parents like the "Abandoned Cavaliers" link above demonstrates...we will just continue to hear about these heart-breaking situations where dogs are dumped or abandoned.